Parts and service

Vanguard Technology Inc. provides unsurpassed parts and service nationwide through authorized providers. Call the factory for a list of service provider. 

When ordering parts, always refer to the Model number and Serial Number. The data plate is mounted on the electrical panel face behind the front cover panel. NOTE- Part numbers may change without notification. To obtain the most recent part numbers contact the Factory or your authorized Vanguard service agency.

Model PM200™, 199,900 BTU/Hr., Model PM200x2™, 399,800 BTU/Hr.,
Model FM200™, 199,900 BTU/Hr. & Model FM200x2™, 399,800 BTU/Hr.


How to Replace Your IGNITER.

Recommened Maintenance


19052-01612P Blower, Replacement
10050-00040R Board, Temp. Control Complete
10592-20000 Control Panel, Complete,PM200
32200-34209 ECO, Hi-Limit, PM
10051-02383 ECO, Hi-Limit, Manual Reset
19052-20075 Filter, Air
19020-70201 Flex Tube, Gas, 7/8x 12"
19020-70202 Flex Tube, Gas,1/4ODX18"
10080-02466 Gas Control Valve, Honeywell
10080-02602 Gasket, Igniter Plate
19051-31212 Gasket, Burner 12 x 12
19051-32020 Gasket, Front 20 x 20
75220-90050V Gasket, Pump Flange Viton flat
10080-02465 Ignition Control, Fenwal
20021-20002 Ignition Plate w/Pilot Hood, gasket
40000-40008 Legs, Nickel plated
50304-20001 Manifold, Cold-Lower, 200
50303-20001 Manifold, Cold-Upper, 200
50603-20001 Manifold, Hot, 200
10080-02601A Mini-Igniter, 120V, 250 C  USE ONLY OEM IGNITOR
20000-00303 Orifice, LP, PM
20000-00302 Orifice, NG, PM
20021-20707 Orifice, Pilot, PM NG/LP
75226-90011 Pump, Replacement, Grundfos W/O Housing 26-99FC, mod
75226-26099 Pump, Grundfos, 26-99SFC complete, mod
10080-00025 Relay, Power
10050-00042 Sensor, Flame, 18" Lead Wire.
10550-00230P Sensor, Temp PM 41" Specify: Red, Wht, Green (NEW #)
19010-70001 Solonoid, Hi-Lo Gas, LP/NG,
10080-19101 Switch, Air
10070-00110A Switch, Water Flow, 1" assy
10080-00071 Switch, Sq. Rocker.
10570-00103 Transformer, 120VAC/ 24Vac:40VA
10070-00104 Transformer, 120Vac/12VDC:15VA
19025-70015 Tube, Vent Pipe Drain
19025-70012 Tube, Air Switch
13053-07502 Valve, T & P. 3/4" MNPT X FNPT (new replaces 13053-07501LF)