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Vanguard Technology "got into hot water" for restaurants in the early eighties. Almost immediately, we realized that the commercial dishwasher was one of the most costly pieces of equipment to operate in the food service industry! At that time there were four ways to make 180° degree water for a conveyor dishwasher: a high K.W. electric booster (expensive/high maintenance), steam (expensive/high maintenance) a 200,000 btu high temperature water heater along with 2-100+ gallon water heaters (all over fired with a footprint that required a separate room) and the infamous rooftop boiler (the plumber's friend)!


Where most people saw problems, we recognized opportunity and began experimenting with small wall hung gas water heaters to produce a SMALL, efficient, cost-effective gas booster. It had to provide 180° water first rack, every rack, no matter how the dishwasher cycled without the water going to steam (becoming unstable*).

No easy task, even for recent breeds of competitive gas boosters!



The Dishwasher gas booster heater was invented by Stephen Kujawa and Mel Simon to make available an economical method of providing 190° sanitizing rinse water for commercial dishwashers.

Kujawa formed a corporation to produce and market the original PowerPac™ model. A decade later a second generation, wall-hung model was developed, marketed and work was begun on a third-generation under-counter cabinet-style unit. The idea here was to enhance the existing models with characteristics such as higher efficiency (90%), greater reliability and improved ease of installation and maintenance.

The PowerMax™ model was introduced to the market by Vanguard and is currently marketed as the company's primary product. With sales spanning two decades, and many of the first units still operating, Vanguard has distinguished itself as the most experienced and most reliable vendor of gas-fired booster heaters in the world.